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Namuncha/Kenia - Das Projekt (en)


We are an indigenous Pastroralist Maasai group in Naivasha District formerly in Nakuru Kenya.This is a group of marginalized and the colonial rule and later the post independence governments.

The issue of land grabbed by the black farmers after the white farmers is a grave issue.The Maasai are being pushed out of their ancestral land every passing monute. We are nicknamed “Watu wa kuhamahama” in Kiswahili, people who enjoy moving from place to place for grass.But in reality we are forced out by ruling community with the support of the Government.

Animal routes to watering points, mineral lick areas or to markets have been clossed by farmers. They see us as second class citizens.

However for their survival they have committed to develop their areas.

1. Establish health facilities close to the people (on-going).

2. Transformation of Namundia Primary school into boarding school to serve as a rescue centre (on-going)

3. Taking water (clean and safe) to women and children.

4. Advocate for mixed farming by the community for food security.

5. Advocate for cultural reforms to minimize the thinking of FGM, girl’s early marriages and children educationl denial by parents (men)

6. Resurcitate the gone forests close to the community as they sustain the indegenous vegetation and wild life living within the community.

7. We dream to build a peace secondary school since we live in a land clash zone.

Thank you.


Namuncha Zentrum fuer Bildung - Namuncha centre for Children Education

Blog No.1

Hallo liebe Besucher von,

mit diesem Artikel beginnt eine neue Serie von Tagebucheinträgen, die euch ein weiteres Entwicklungshilfe-Projekt in Afrika vorstellen wird. Das Namuncha Projekt – „Namuncha Centre For Children Education“ in Kenia, Ostafrika.


Dies ist das erste Projekt, welches von unterstützt wird und keine Partnerorganisation in Europa hat. Das Projekt wird komplett von kenianischen Einheimischen (den Masaii) entwickelt und organisiert. Der Kontakt mit dem Projektkoordinator Joseph Kishau entstand durch Jörn Preuß, dem African Information Movement (AIM.) – Projektkoordinator in Ghana, bei einer UNO – Arbeitsgruppe in Genf (Schweiz).

Wir sind sehr dankbar, dass dieser Kontakt und es nun ermöglichen, das Namuncha Projekt über den Blog einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit vorzustellen.

Wir haben uns dazu entschieden, das Projekt peu à peu vorzustellen und jede Woche einen neuen Aspekt des „Namuncha Centre For Children Education“ unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Der Ablauf sieht wie folgt aus.

  1. Vorstellung des Projektorts / Klima
  2. Vorstellung der Bevölkerung / der Bevölkerungsstruktur
  3. Probleme der Bevölkerung / Bildungssituation?
  4. Ansatz und Ziele des Projektes?
  5. Was wurde bisher erreicht?
  6. Die nächsten notwendigen Schritte?
  7. Details zum Projekt / Kosten

Wir hoffen euch damit so viel Informationen wie möglich zu geben, und euch neugierig zu machen, mehr über das Projekt zu erfahren, und in persönlichen Kontakt mit den Verantwortlichen des Projektes zu treten. Dabei wird euch Jörn Preuß gerne behilflich sein.

Nächste Woche geht es los, wir freuen uns darauf ..

Jörn Preuß

Selbständiger Internationaler Kulturmanager & AIM. Projektkoordinator in Ghana

Dear visitors of,

Starting with this article, a new series of articles is going to present you a further development aid project in Africa: The Namuncha Project – “Namuncha Centre for Children Education” in Kenya, Eastern Africa.


This is the first project supported by that is not originated in Germany. The project is developed and organized completely by Kenyan locals (the Masaii’s). The contact with the project coordinator, Joseph Kishau, was established by Jörn Preuß (African Information Movement, AIM. – Project Coordinator in Ghana), at an UNO – Working group in Geneva (Switzerland).

We are very grateful to have now the possibility, by using this platform, to present the Namuncha Project to a broader public.

We have decided to introduce the project peu-à-peu by taking weekly a closer look at a new aspect of the “Namuncha Centre for Children Education”. The schedule will be as follows:

  1. Presenting the place of the project, including climate circumstances
  2. Presenting the population’s structure
  3. People’s problems, educational situation
  4. Approach and objectives of the project
  5. What has been done so far
  6. The next necessary project steps
  7. Building / Cost details

We hope to give as much information as possible to make you eager learning more about the project and to get in personal contact with the responsible persons of the project. Jörn Preuß would like to help you establishing this contact.

We’re going to start next week and are looking forward…

Jörn Preuß

International Arts Manager & AIM. Project Co-ordinator in Ghana


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